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Pidolma Healthcare is a well known name in the field of ETHICAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY & Third Party Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.. We have an expertise in catering to Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing requirements and this is one of our focus areas. Our experience in Third Party Manufacturing has won us appreciation across the country and has helped us maintain a clientele base that is thoroughly satisfied with our services. We, at Pidolma Healthcare give a single window solution to its third party manufacturing clients as well as its franchisees to support them in launching their own brands or even launching their own companies.

Businesses today thrive by focusing on what they do best i.e focusing on their core competencies and leaving the rest to a specialist of respective fields. Contract manufacturing seems to fit neatly into this practice. In addition to allowing companies to focus on core competencies, contract manufacturing offers numerous other advantages over in-house manufacturing, including flexibility, access to external expertise, reduction in manpower requirement and reduced capital requirement.

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Pidolma Healthcare : One of the Leading Pharmaceutical Franchise Company in India Due To Our World Class Services, High Quality Products & Unique Monopoly Marketing Strategy. We Provides Ethical Based Pcd Pharma Franchise In India, Where You Can Be Your OWN BOSSIn Your Territory, No Politics, No Work Pressure, – Only Results And Rewards To Complete Your Dreams. Pidolma Healthcare is pleased to introduce our self as a pharmaceuticals company with innovation and Quality. Pidolma Healthcare –A pharmaceutical franchise can help you achieve your business goals by giving you the essential guidelines.

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We have an expertise in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and this is one of our valuable and most esteemed services. Our years of experience in the aforementioned area has won us appreciation across the country and abroad and has helped us maintain a clientele that is satisfied with our value added and quality services. We handle various Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services and besides these services, we offer a gamut of Pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceuticals Contract Manufacturing of Capsules, Tablets, Injections (Dry & Liquid) etc.

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Our tablet range is defect free, stays for long time periods, have the right weight and drug content. The tablets are strong and hard, which withstand any mechanical shock while manufacturing, packing, shipping, and dispensing.

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The Company provides capsules which are produced in various sizes and color combination. Not only this, these capsules are available with all types of linear, circular & multicolor printing facilities.

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We Provide large variety of injections such as Anti Infective Injectables, Pharmaceutical Injectables, Pre- filled syringes, Biological Injections, Cardiovascular Injections, etc.

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Our Syrups range cover cough syrups, iron syrups, calcium syrups, syrups for digestion, anti-allergy syrup, anti-fever syrup etc. The Company also deals in the Aromatic or adjuvant syrups which improve the taste of usual syrups.

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